Birds Of Prey: Outcry

"How will you use your voice?"

A year after the formation of Birds Of Prey, a tragedy leads to an uprising in Gotham City. Can our heroes make their voices heard, or will they succumb to the fear?

B.O.P. Outcry art by Harry Shapiro

Art by Harry Shapiro | View Harry's other work here!

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A.R. OlivieriNarrator
Kat O'DaeDinah Lance/Black Canary
__Helena Bertinelli/Huntress
Darin Earl IITony Chestnut/Oracle
JV Hampton-VanSantDonovan "Donny" Drake/ Black Banshee
Scottye MooreJonathan Crane/ Scarecrow
Dany EllettRyan Wilder
Caroline MincksVicki Vale
Jordan CobbYara Moore
A.J. CarterJohn Wycliffe
Erin LillisRenee Montoya
Terrance DryeWayne Franklin/Grotesk
Jeff StormerO'Hara
Peter LewisDr. Gerald Crane
Lance MacDonaldJamal Franklin
Kathryn StanleyKaren Crane
Khalila RoneyAmina Franklin | Catwoman
Tim WoernerLincoln March
Tycho AlhambraJoseph Powers
Daniel SpencerHarvey Bullock
Andy RandolphOfficer/Protestor
Andrew GiottaMayor Hamilton Hill
Andrea LindenMaria Powers
Addison PeacockHarley Quinn
Alex FlaniganPoison Ivy
Val PetroneProtestor

JV Hampton-VanSant

Writer, Director, Co-Producer, Sound Designer, "Donny"

JV Hampton-VanSant is a writer, actor, director, producer, cosplayer, costume designer, & Massachusetts based podcaster & Black Canary stan. JV is the creator of RedWing: The Audio Drama, host of JV Reads the T, and part of Paper Boats Productions. JV co-creates the fanmade microfiction podcast Birds of Prey: Outcry & will at the drop of a hat talk about mermaids, the women of DC Comics, race and gender for hours.

A.R. Olivieri

Script Editer, Co-Producer, Co-Creator, "Narrator"

A. R. OLIVIERI is a writer, actor, director, producer, french fry addict, & podcast creator who resides in Sarah Rhea Werner's brain. They’re also honored to act in the podcasts Girl In Space, Janus Descending, VAST Horizon, & The Subjective Truth. They make too many podcasts, & hope to upload their consciousness one day.

(Also, highkey, this project wouldn't exist without the emotional support they provided to JV. <3)

Andrew Giotta

Theme Composer